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              How to Contact our Staff

              If you didn't find the ideal property for your vacation in Florence on our website, you can post what you were looking for on our DiscoverTuscany Forum. A member of our staff or another knowledgeable person on Florence and Tuscany can recommend or suggest a property or properties that meet your needs!

              We are not a travel agency and therefore do not handle reservations: to get details on availability on the properties present on our guide, you will have to contact the owners directly. In this way you'll get the best prices available for your stay since you'll avoid any extra agency commissions or fees!

              If you own or manage a holiday rental property and are interested in our guides, you can contact us through this form ».

              For additional information on our FlorenceAccommodation.com and FirenzeAlloggio.com guides, you can contact us by email, mail or phone: our team will reply as soon as possible!

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              Via G.B. Vico, 30
              50136 Firenze
              Tel. 055 2347778
              info AT florenceaccommodation DOT com

              Please Note: To request availability and reserve your accommodation in Tuscany, contact the properties directly. You can do so by following the links to the official website for the property found on our site.

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